Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movie night- Marley and Me!

We all watched "Marley and Me" Mom and Dad had waited for it to come out in DVD because they just could not go to the movie theater because they heard people were leaving in tears and sobbing at the sad ending. If you ever had a mischievous dog like Marley, it will make you smile and laugh too but don't let the sad ending stop you from seeing it. There is a good message in there.
It reminded us of our Molly, she was a bad girl too but she was our special bad girl, that girl just had so much personality, Mom said it was way too quiet here when she went to the bridge.
Molly lived her life at full speed, getting into everything, she went to puppy class with Layla but failed because she had anxiety so she whined and barked at the other dogs.
She even dug up her own carrot once from the garden, Mommy didn't know what that ugly brown and orange thing was Molly was eating on her clean carpet. Dad would fence off the fruit trees and garden and Molly would find a way in, then he would build a higher fence, this went on a few times till Daddy finally won. Molly was a very smart dog and food motivated.
Dad told Mom to quit leaving her nightstand drawer open, Mom said I didn't open that! Sure enough they set up a video and Molly comes in and opened the drawer while balancing on the chair next to it. She was looking for Mommy's mints.
You could see her outside jumping up and down trying to snag some plums or apples right off the tree.
If you see the movie make sure you have those tissues ready but most of all don't forget the popcorn we doggies really love popcorn and cuddling up with our humans.


  1. I know everyone misses Molly! My folks loved Marley & Me too - it reminded them of their Springer Spaniel, Keats who they lost back in 2000 - Thanks for the Dr. Dodd's tip - yes, Mom cooks Dr. Dodd's liver diet for me - if you go to my personal website you will see that mommy is very UP on the liver thing! I hope none of you girls are liver's just NO FUN!!! Happy EASTER


  2. I've been avoiding the movie for the same reason you didn't go to the theater to see it. I don't do Disney for that reason! That Molly was a little stinker - how funny that she figured out how to open a drawer!

  3. We have an english cocker spaniel, she is one years old and her name is Marley. You sound like you love your dogs as much as we love ours and treat them as if they were our children. We adore them and they make our lives whole.
    I bawl for hours everytime I watch Marley and Me. I just think about the end and I tear up out of the blue. Its a beautiful movie and it makes me treaasure "our" Marley more than anything. Also our Sadie, she is a white toy poodle and 3 years old. Both of our girls are precious to us. Are you on facebook? You sound like us when it comes to your pups. Who are very beautiful! We'd love to show you some phtos of our girls.
    Hope to get in touch!

    Phil & Ashleigh