Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bath day again!

Darn it can't be bath time again so soon but Mom said since it was so hot out she decided to use the outside hose on us and let us air dry outside. It felt good and we all ran around scooting on those big towels she put down for us.
She gave us three dogs a bath with the
Hydrosurge Rapid bathing system
in just 6 minutes, she loves that bathing system and so do we as it is over faster for us. We love scooting the best.

Hey let us in we don't want to be outside here by ourselves!


  1. That picture at the door made me laugh - they always want to be where you are! No rolling in the grass when you've had a bath? That is what my doggie likes to do!

  2. Girls - I get at least 2 baths a week now that the weather is nice - I like to roll in the dirt and jump in the lake and mommy won't let me back in unless I get cleaned up!

  3. My sister also like to let my fur dry by the sun everytime I have a bath because the temperature in Jakarta is normaly around 90 degrees and high humid.


  4. Oh yes Laura, that brings back memories of chasing after them in the yard after baths and having a good roll in the dirt and mulch. Layla is very light colored and she was totally black and I chased her down in my bathing suit. LOL I bet my neighbors got a good chuckle out of that. When they were young I had to block them up on the deck and screened in room. Gee I am glad they don't do that anymore.

  5. Checkers Mommies are funny how they like clean dogs. I think we smell just fine.