Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Happy Easter Egg Hunt!

Mom groomed us all just in time for Easter. We really don't like all that fussing but Mom gives us lots of praise and treats to make it more fun for us. Mom says we will do anything for a treat. She is right we are treat monsters extraordinaire!

Every Easter Mom and Dad put a small treat in some plastic Easter eggs then hide them in our yard. Then they let us out and we run outside to find the eggs, bite them open and eat the treats. Layla usually gets most of them because she is a really good at finding the eggs and zooming all over the yard looking for them. Katy has only done it a couple of years so Mom helps her find some so she gets her share. Tizzy is good at hunting them out too but Layla is way faster. We sure love playing this game we could do this everyday!
Layla in her fancy Easter bonnet.

We hope all your puppy dogs out there had a Happy and Blessed Easter!


  1. How absolutely precious! Now, let's compare your precious sweeties with my dog Rocky - we took him for a walk to the back of our property where the garden is located. He promptly found a big "deer poop" Easter egg and ate half of it!

    Love the Easter bonnet!

  2. The Easter slide show is precious - I know how much you must miss Molly. I also know how wonderful it is to have so many sweet photos of her.

  3. You girls are just so beautiful! Love the bonnet! I only got to go to the dog park where the doberman and the rottie were doing a lot of arguing and scaring all the other dogs especially me!