Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Windy Wednesday!

It is sunny but windy today, the wind makes our ears fly and us frisky so we ran a couple of laps around the yard today. The last couple of days has been raining so Dad is still working on the garden and Mom is enjoying the Azalea's that are in bloom now. They won't be blooming for long but they are just beautiful when they do. The rest of the year it is just a green bush but then the summer flowers will be in bloom so we can have more color in our garden.



  1. It was a windy day here too! The pink looks so pretty against your furs! All three of you are great models!

  2. very cool and windy here too......Girls, it would seem that one of you is missing!!!! Lovely azaleas tho! and beautiful dogs in front of the flowers!