Friday, April 3, 2009

Bath Day!

We all three had our baths today and bath day was not too bad for a change. Mommy really liked the hydrosurge bather that mixes the shampoo in with the water, it was a really fast bath, so fast we did not get a chance to shake and get Mommy all wet. I think we will like these fast baths too. Thanks Auntie Janne for telling her about this fast bath thing. Sigh I wish she could hurry that brushing and drying out, our Mom has all the right tools, clippers, brushes, dryer and "TREATS" that really makes us behave on the grooming table.
Everyone wants to pet and kiss us now so we are happy sweet smelling girls.
What we are not done??? If Mommy is not too tired out from her operation 3 weeks ago she says we get hair cuts and grooming done tomorrow. We'll get more treats for that haha you know we have our humans trained pretty good here.


  1. You look so pretty after your baths, and I'll bet you smell nice too! It looks like a good workout giving three pups a bath!

  2. you girls sure look nice after your bath!!!!