Saturday, April 18, 2009

4 Spoiled Cocker Spaniels live here!

What a beautiful day yesterday and today, we helped Mom and Dad do some yard work. Dad is getting the garden ready to plant. Yummy we can't wait till this summer when he throws some cherry tomatoes our way. We are pretty good at catching them in mid air.

So we were just running around and looking cute so Mom had to run and get the camera and of course some treats too, after all we work for treats and taking pictures is hard work for us girls. This picture is us in the rose garden with our St. Francis of Assisi statue. He watches over us because he is the patron saint of animals and always followed everything Jesus said and did.

In the background you can see Daddy's little garden house and in the next picture you can see the close up of the flower box on his garden house that he made a couple of years ago. It says 4 Spoiled Cocker Spaniels live here and each bone has our name on it. Click on the picture to see it much bigger.


  1. what a lovely little garden - you girls certainly live in a beautiful spot.

  2. What a sweet picture! I have a St. Francis statue in my flower garden too!

  3. thanks for the comments - well Molly our mom's will have to chat about our livers one day!!!! I have lactulose too - but we can't hit a happy medium on it for me. Must be very hard for you Molly having sibs who can eat things you can't. If you ever need a top Liver Doc you should come to UT they have Dr. Tobias who is one of the best in the country!!!! I'm not on her service anymore I'm on internal medicine but I know her if you ever need her!

  4. Hi Checkers, Molly was near 13 years old when went to the Rainbow Bridge in July 2007, so it is just us 3 cockers here now. Molly fought hard against her liver disease for almost a year when most of her doctors did not hold out any hope for her. Molly was a fighter but her age was working against her. We had lots of help from Dr Dodds, the Yahoo groups liver lists and tons of research by Mommy and Daddy. We are thankful for that extra year.
    We hope that because you are young you can manage with a small liver and that you get the lactulose dosage just right so you don't get any more HE episodes again.