Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I went to a Tax Tea Party!

Hi All, Tizzy here,
Mom and Dad dressed me up in my fourth of July dress and took me to a Tax Tea Party here in Virginia. There were lots of nice people there carrying signs and walking around the pretty water fountain. I even had my own sign!
Layla and Katy did not get to go because they are just scardy cats but nothing scares me. I am used to big crowds since I was a show dog before I came to live here. I got lots of treats and people took my picture and they were petting me. I sure love all that attention. It was a little cold but I had my red sweater on under my dress.
Wow and then it could not get any better, Mom and Dad took me out to lunch at Sonic!
When I came home Layla and Katy were barking at me to find out where I had been. They were smelling my breath and jumping all over me but I didn't tell them about all the goodies I got. hehehe
I don't know what tax day is, but after all that, whew I needed to take a nap in my bed.

You can see all our pictures here.

This is my cousin Danny and me with some ones Uncle Sam holding me.

My cousin Danny used me to get an interview with the local TV station reporter below then he handed me back to my Mom when he got their attention. Hmmpf I wanted to be on TV too!

Here I am with my Daddy in front of Alexander of York's patriotic car.


  1. Tizzy - you look absolutely adorable, and I'm glad you're doing your civic duty. That picture of you and Uncle Sam is cute!

  2. I like your sign Tizzy