Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bath day again!

Darn it can't be bath time again so soon but Mom said since it was so hot out she decided to use the outside hose on us and let us air dry outside. It felt good and we all ran around scooting on those big towels she put down for us.
She gave us three dogs a bath with the
Hydrosurge Rapid bathing system
in just 6 minutes, she loves that bathing system and so do we as it is over faster for us. We love scooting the best.

Hey let us in we don't want to be outside here by ourselves!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Silly Mommy!

Mommy fixed her coat's lining and pocket yesterday. Silly Mommy she puts doggie treats in her pocket and then forgets to give them to us.
She knows we don't have any fingers to get them out ourselves so what is a dog to do, but use the next best thing, our teeths! There is no hiding a treat from us we can sniff them out anywhere.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Windy Wednesday!

It is sunny but windy today, the wind makes our ears fly and us frisky so we ran a couple of laps around the yard today. The last couple of days has been raining so Dad is still working on the garden and Mom is enjoying the Azalea's that are in bloom now. They won't be blooming for long but they are just beautiful when they do. The rest of the year it is just a green bush but then the summer flowers will be in bloom so we can have more color in our garden.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

4 Spoiled Cocker Spaniels live here!

What a beautiful day yesterday and today, we helped Mom and Dad do some yard work. Dad is getting the garden ready to plant. Yummy we can't wait till this summer when he throws some cherry tomatoes our way. We are pretty good at catching them in mid air.

So we were just running around and looking cute so Mom had to run and get the camera and of course some treats too, after all we work for treats and taking pictures is hard work for us girls. This picture is us in the rose garden with our St. Francis of Assisi statue. He watches over us because he is the patron saint of animals and always followed everything Jesus said and did.

In the background you can see Daddy's little garden house and in the next picture you can see the close up of the flower box on his garden house that he made a couple of years ago. It says 4 Spoiled Cocker Spaniels live here and each bone has our name on it. Click on the picture to see it much bigger.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I went to a Tax Tea Party!

Hi All, Tizzy here,
Mom and Dad dressed me up in my fourth of July dress and took me to a Tax Tea Party here in Virginia. There were lots of nice people there carrying signs and walking around the pretty water fountain. I even had my own sign!
Layla and Katy did not get to go because they are just scardy cats but nothing scares me. I am used to big crowds since I was a show dog before I came to live here. I got lots of treats and people took my picture and they were petting me. I sure love all that attention. It was a little cold but I had my red sweater on under my dress.
Wow and then it could not get any better, Mom and Dad took me out to lunch at Sonic!
When I came home Layla and Katy were barking at me to find out where I had been. They were smelling my breath and jumping all over me but I didn't tell them about all the goodies I got. hehehe
I don't know what tax day is, but after all that, whew I needed to take a nap in my bed.

You can see all our pictures here.

This is my cousin Danny and me with some ones Uncle Sam holding me.

My cousin Danny used me to get an interview with the local TV station reporter below then he handed me back to my Mom when he got their attention. Hmmpf I wanted to be on TV too!

Here I am with my Daddy in front of Alexander of York's patriotic car.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Happy Easter Egg Hunt!

Mom groomed us all just in time for Easter. We really don't like all that fussing but Mom gives us lots of praise and treats to make it more fun for us. Mom says we will do anything for a treat. She is right we are treat monsters extraordinaire!

Every Easter Mom and Dad put a small treat in some plastic Easter eggs then hide them in our yard. Then they let us out and we run outside to find the eggs, bite them open and eat the treats. Layla usually gets most of them because she is a really good at finding the eggs and zooming all over the yard looking for them. Katy has only done it a couple of years so Mom helps her find some so she gets her share. Tizzy is good at hunting them out too but Layla is way faster. We sure love playing this game we could do this everyday!
Layla in her fancy Easter bonnet.

We hope all your puppy dogs out there had a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movie night- Marley and Me!

We all watched "Marley and Me" Mom and Dad had waited for it to come out in DVD because they just could not go to the movie theater because they heard people were leaving in tears and sobbing at the sad ending. If you ever had a mischievous dog like Marley, it will make you smile and laugh too but don't let the sad ending stop you from seeing it. There is a good message in there.
It reminded us of our Molly, she was a bad girl too but she was our special bad girl, that girl just had so much personality, Mom said it was way too quiet here when she went to the bridge.
Molly lived her life at full speed, getting into everything, she went to puppy class with Layla but failed because she had anxiety so she whined and barked at the other dogs.
She even dug up her own carrot once from the garden, Mommy didn't know what that ugly brown and orange thing was Molly was eating on her clean carpet. Dad would fence off the fruit trees and garden and Molly would find a way in, then he would build a higher fence, this went on a few times till Daddy finally won. Molly was a very smart dog and food motivated.
Dad told Mom to quit leaving her nightstand drawer open, Mom said I didn't open that! Sure enough they set up a video and Molly comes in and opened the drawer while balancing on the chair next to it. She was looking for Mommy's mints.
You could see her outside jumping up and down trying to snag some plums or apples right off the tree.
If you see the movie make sure you have those tissues ready but most of all don't forget the popcorn we doggies really love popcorn and cuddling up with our humans.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Special Effects for Photos.

Not that we mind but there was no grooming this weekend for us Mom was tired and played on the computer instead.
This is a picture of Molly as a puppy in 1994. Molly went to the rainbow bridge July 2007 after fighting for a year with a bad liver. Mom used this fun online special effect to make a poster of Molly's picture. You can add some special effects here with your pictures too. Have fun!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bath Day!

We all three had our baths today and bath day was not too bad for a change. Mommy really liked the hydrosurge bather that mixes the shampoo in with the water, it was a really fast bath, so fast we did not get a chance to shake and get Mommy all wet. I think we will like these fast baths too. Thanks Auntie Janne for telling her about this fast bath thing. Sigh I wish she could hurry that brushing and drying out, our Mom has all the right tools, clippers, brushes, dryer and "TREATS" that really makes us behave on the grooming table.
Everyone wants to pet and kiss us now so we are happy sweet smelling girls.
What we are not done??? If Mommy is not too tired out from her operation 3 weeks ago she says we get hair cuts and grooming done tomorrow. We'll get more treats for that haha you know we have our humans trained pretty good here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yummy Treats!

Our Mom and Dad went out and left us tonight and we looked real sad out the window as they drove away without us. Then pretty soon they came home with lots of bags of goodies for us and we were not sad anymore. We were happy wigglebutts! Crunchy blueberry and apple treats, some flossies, greenies and nutri denti treats to keep our recently cleaned teeth nice and white. We got some yummy Nutri denti bones right away.
Tomorrow is bath day Mom bought a hydrosurge rapid bath for us, it says it can give a bath in 3 minutes and massages us at the same time. Hehehehe we'll see how that works out!