Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Katy Rose!

Today is Katy Rose's 5th Birthday. We girls knew exactly what was going to happen when Mom started putting the party together so we ran and got in our seats. We have done this many times before, who says dogs don't remember!

This is Katy Rose, the Birthday girl waiting so patiently. Do I look pitiful enough?

Is that food I see Layla says?
Oh boy chicken nuggets, beef, and hard boiled eggs, and for dessert homemade apricot ice cream, that is our favorite treat, we love ice cream.

Hurry Mom we are hungry and can only wait so long! I am pretty sure this is torture but as long as we get food, I guess we will wear these silly hats for Mom!

Yeah!! Let the eating begin!!

Tizzy says yum this is some good stuff!

Layla says this is sooooo good!

Katy and Tizzy say Boy oh boy we sure love ice cream. Hey Katy want me to clean your face for you?

Okay time to clean those faces on the lounger, yep that feels just right!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - you girls are so well behaved and patient - Looks like everyone had a terrific time!

  2. How precious - happy birthday Katy Rose!