Monday, March 30, 2009

Where's the Beef?

Just a lazy Monday here for us Cocker girls. We took a little nap with Mom then woke her up to warn her of the Dalmatian down the street that came walking by with his owner. Eat, sleep and beg that is mostly our job here, oh yes and kisses too, our Mom and Dad love our kisses.
Mom started on our second bucket of synovi G3 soft treats, they are to make our joints healthy and have Omega 3's and some good antioxidants. They are pretty stinky so we usually gobble them right up but Tizzy turned her nose up at them tonight. I think Tizzy would rather have that sirloin Beef roast again but alas that is all gone now till another shopping day.

wuff ya,

Layla, Tizzy and Katy

1 comment:

  1. Nothing better than a good stinky treat! I'm not sure you all are spoiled enough! You'll have to work on that - LOL!