Saturday, March 28, 2009

We are Three Cocker Spaniels!

This is our first post to our blog. We are three spoiled Cocker Spaniels living in Southeastern Virginia named Layla, Tizzy and Katy Rose.

We used to be four but Molly Moo went to the rainbow bridge in the summer of 2007. We miss her but not her growlies that kept us wild puppies in our place. You can see Molly's webpage here.

I am Layla a light colored buff Cocker Spaniel born on December 16, 1999 when I was 8 weeks old my Mom and Dad drove to pick me up in New Jersey and take me back home to Virgina. As soon as I got there I got right to work trying to win over my big sister Molly but she wasn't having any of that!

So I got busy instead helping my Daddy gardening. Here I am helping to dig the hole for the roses. He said I was his good little helper. I even helped carry the hose to help him water the flowers.

Well since Molly would not play with me Mom and Dad set out to find a playmate for me when I was 6 months old. Tizzy was born June 28 1999 and was show girl for awhile so she did not come to live with us till she was one year old. Tizzy is a real sweetie and brave nothing spooks Tizzy, it must have been because she was at all those dog shows. Tizzy and I are best friends, two peas in a pod!

We are two grown up girls now at 9 years old. This is on vacation at the beach down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We love to go there where we can go for walks on the beach and chase waves. The last time we were there my sister Molly escaped out the door to the motorhome to chase a real live duck even though she had a very sick liver at the time. Mom and Dad had a good laugh over that and a sweet memory now that Molly is gone.

On June 6, 2004 a litter of puppies were born in PA and Mommy got puppy fever again. August 2004 we all got in our motorhome and drove up to Pennsylvania to pick up Katy Rose an 8 week old Brown and Tan Cocker Spaniel puppy. Yes we just grew to four Cockers, they don't have enough laps as it is already so we stared at them in disbelief saying "Please tell us she is not staying!" Katy was a crazy puppy and Tizzy was first to be her friend and look after her. Katy adores Tizzy and helped her be accepted into the pack.

Katy Rose is now 4 years old and a soft sweet and sensitive girl although she was a mischievous puppy.

We'll be back!

Layla, Tizzy and Katy


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Barbara! I'm so happy you started your blog! I'll be following and looking forward to pictures of your beautiful babies!

  2. Thanks Laura I am just getting the hang of how it all works. It is nice to read your blog and see all the interesting things you are doing.

  3. Hi guys. Barb, the blog is too cute. I'm glad you're feeling better. The song is too funny.