Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Mom is a good hunter!

This time Mommy found a sirloin steak from the day old meat counter and brought it home to cook up for us. Yummy, the smell was so delicious we didn't budge from the kitchen or stove and watching every move she made. You never know she could just drop some on the floor and you have to be fast around here with two sisters ready to grab any goodies that might fall. We do a good job keeping the floor cleaned up for Mommy. We especially like it when the young kids come over they leave lots of crumbs for us and even share sometimes.

Mommy laughs at us and says we have such human qualities like licking our lips in anticipation, we drool a little too but who can blame us, IT's BEEF!!!! We love our special treats.

Is it ready yet?


  1. lucky dogs - I sit right next to mom when she cooks too - of course I'm right next to mom no matter what she is doing :-) - looks like your mom cooked up some good fixin's - hope you enjoyed

  2. PEE-ESS - did you see that I left you an award on yesterday's blog

  3. Checkers, thank you so much for the neat award, we found it but are not sure what to do with it since we are new to blogging.